Pathways to Healing    Animal Acupuncture
                                and Herbal Therapy
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Dr. McCain's dedication, compassion, patience and quiet manner will set any dog or cat at ease. She is able to calm my very hyper pug, Kira, into a blissful state of relaxation. My pug has liver disease as well as arthritis and the combined approach of herbals, acupuncture plus her liver antioxidants have given her much better quality of life. As a veterinarian myself I highly recommend Dr. McCain and have done so with many of my clients and friends.

-Janis Schmidt, DVM,
for Ashley and Kira
in Sunnyvale

My 15 year old pug Max has been getting acupuncture for several months. It greatly improves his energy, and helps with his back issues and arthritis.  He loves it because he feels great afterwards!

-Penny Bryant, for Max
in Menlo Park

Dr. Lina McCain is one of the few individuals in the world of veterinary healing who has had the foresight and skills to combine the best of Eastern and Western medicine to create a completely unique style of medicine and healing. When both styles and techniques are united under the compassionate and heartfelt treatment of Dr. McCain through the application of acupuncture, a truly phenomenal avenue of medicine and curing is met and achieved.

From the moment you enter her East/West treatment world, a sense of calm serenity and healing encompasses you and those you entrust to her care. She enabled us to enjoy well over an additional year of life with our Shih Tzu, Tsaritsa, through her caring acupuncture treatments, began when Tsaritsa was 16. Our baby was with us until the age of 17 and ½, and we attribute her longevity to Dr. McCain’s expert and innovative care. Whether you are a patient, client, or student your world will forever be healed, transformed, and enlightened by Dr. Mc Cain.

-Nina Capaccio, for Tsaritsa
 in Stockton

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